software product development | Triple bottom line
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Triple bottom line

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Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line (3BL) is associated to the notion that a business, should always:

  • Deliver a profit (economic value)
  • Be fair to people and communities
  • Be fair to nature

By performing greatly in all 3 dimensions, a business becomes sustainable. The notion of triple bottom line is associated to the notion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


It is expected that a 3BL and CSR approach to business management delivers great business benefits to any organizations (on top of the social and ecological benefits). Some of the key business benefits are:

  • Better results in recruitment and retention of talented individuals, as well as a boost of productivity
  • A brand and competitive advantage through differentiation
  • Better financial results
  • Better risk management and lesser risk exposure, better compliance with current or future regulations.