Take the higher ground®



Unique consultancy framework by GEM-UP.


Drawing from leading practicies, GEM-UP management consulting helps clients consume their backlog of issues iteratively and proudly create long-term agility and sustainability.

Our B-Proud™ services include:

· Agile Adoption

· Nimble Management Consulting

· Corporate Sustainability Consulting

Our approach is designed to be pragmatic, cost-effective.

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B-Agile™ Serie:

- Agile Maturity Assessment

- Agile Project Framework with Scrum

- Agile CMMI

- Agile CIO/CTO

- Agile Coaching

- Agile Quality

B-Nimble™ Serie:

- Agile-Lean Strategy

- Knowledge Management Office (KMO)

- Enterpise Agility

- Agile Governance

- Talent Management

- Executive Advisory

B-Sustainable™ Serie:

- CSR Assessment

- Sustainability Strategy

- Relief Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)

- Sustainability Implementation

- Green IT