software product development | Resume: Emmanuel Gonnet
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Resume: Emmanuel Gonnet


Ͳ: English, French

Emmanuel Gonnet


Fractional / Interim CTO-CIO


I am a technology professional specialized in leading the growth of companies through Agile product development. That includes all aspects of software engineering, team building, and product management.


  • 7 technology platforms launched over the past 15 years
  • 100+ training and speaking engagements globally
  • Coached 4 Start-Ups, 5 SME
  • 25+ years of experience

Sample Engagements



CarbonAndMore, Chief Product Owner and CTO

CarbonAndMore is a solution helping SME organizations achieve a better triple-bottom-line.

  • Identified the product vision through Agile product development techniques.
  • Established roadmaps and details of the architecture.
  • Developed the code of the solution (DB, Server, UI).
  • Created and designed the marketing web site to support the product promotion.



Xperigo, Interim CIO

Xperigo is the leader in mobility products and services for connected cars and road-side assistance programs.

  • Reorganized the IT operations and met the 24/7 SLA targets.
  • Designed and hired the software development teams in alignment with the BAUs and innovation paths and delivered on a dense roadmap.
  • Re-architected the overall Enterprise systems to leverage from a combination of APIs,, Cloud infrastructure and analytics to secure market shares and acquire new clients.
  • Clients included Ford, Honda, GM, Toyota, Lamborghini, Nissan.



Univeris Corp, VP Product Management and Software Eng.

Univeris is the leader in the Canadian retail wealth management software technology space.

  • Transformed the organized to a SAFe framework and achieved significant gains in innovation velocity and quality.
  • Implemented key engineering, test engineering and DevOps practices and tooling.
  • Delivered blueprint for architecture transformation to componentized platform through DDD.
  • Led product management, release and support departments.
  • Clients included Sun Life, Desjardins, Great West Life, Canada Life, Tangerine.



Percy3D, Interim CIO

Percy3D is a start-up company innovating in personalized videos.

  • Recovered a failing project and architecture through iterative design spikes
  • Redesign the deployment of the solution to leverage cloud technology
  • Implemented Agile practices to sustain the innovations




DNALabs Genetics Testing Solutions, Solution Architect

DNALabs is a start-up offering DNA testing solutions.

  • Identified genetics-based algorithms and requirements driving the solutions.
  • Developed system architecture, design and the solution full stack.
  • Coded the solution using spring-boot application servers and micro-services, AngularJS for web and mobile UI.
  • Implemented DevOps and IaC to deploy and monitor the solution 24/7 over AWS cloud.



Walmart, Canadian Tire, Rogers

  • Delivered Enterprise Agile coaching services to enable better alignment and adaptability from the IT team.
  • Performed project audits for critical programs such as new credit card launch.



Learning Tree, Author and Instructor

Learning Tree is a leading provider of hands-on management and IT training.

  • Authored multiple management and technical classes
  • Instructs Lean-Agile product development techniques globally
  • Promotes Learning-Tree business through content-driven marketing

Favorite Tech Stack


  • Java, C++
  • Spring Boot
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL. MongoDB
  • Maven, Jenkins, Ansible, Liquibase
  • AWS, Google Cloud, Azure