software product development | Interim Fractional CTO CIO
An Agile CTO or CIO can boost a firm's ability to deliver high value faster through products and services.
Interim, Fractional, CTO, CIO, Agile
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Interim – Fractional Agile CTO/CIO

Why an Interim or Fractional CTO or CIO


This service can help if you are:

  • A technology startup without a technical co-founder,
  • A firm requiring to boost your ability to develop software for existing or new products,
  • A firm in need of software architecture direction or having a specific set of issues you need to address swiftly,
  • A firm in need of temporary help while you are searching for a full-time CTO or CIO.

What is the difference between Interim and Fractional


  • An Interim CTO/CIO is someone who will allow your firm to take the time required to search and hire a full-time executive. The Interim CTO/CIO will take full responsibility during your search and will implement all strategic and tactical activities so that you do not have to rush your decision process. The Interim CTO/CIO will typically be full-time but part-time is also possible.
  • A Fractional CTO/CIO is a complement to existing staff and is a good choice for firms who have less volume of work or where the work is uneven overtime. A Fractional CTO-CIO is an on-demand service that could range from a few hours to a few days a work per month.

What is the difference between CTO and CIO


  • CTOs are focused on the design and development process, taking new ideas from Discovery to Delivery. CTOs are typically not as involved with the actual operations of the developed products, though, with recent trends like DevOps, operations are also becoming pure software automation.
  • CIOs are typically leading both development and operations activities. They ensure that systems and solutions are implemented in the most efficient manner but also operated 24/7 when it matters.


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